Welcome to the website of the Centre for Energy and Thermal Sciences of Lyon (CETHIL)!

CETHIL is a joint research unit (UMR 5008) of INSA Lyon, of CNRS and of the University Claude-Bernard Lyon 1. The personnel of the centre is around 120 persons strong. Applications of the work performed at CETHIL lie within fields such as electronics, nuclear industry, aeronautics, housing, and renewable energies.


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Competencies and key points

Resarch works performed in the laboratory cover many field of thermal sciences and their applications to energy systems. The laboratory is one of the few worldwide sites where such a broad continuum of temperature and length ranges can be tackled: from nanostructure to buildings, from liquid helium and ice slurry to combustion.

The main scientific topics deal with:


- heat transfer physics

The goal is to improve our understanding of the phenomena driving heat transfer and their couplings, to characterize, predict and control them, at various length, time and temperature scales. All heat transfer modes are investigated (convection, conduction, thermal radiation, phase change heat transfer).


- heat transfer in complex systems and their thermodynamic efficiency

Considered topics are linked with heat transfer in housing and in systems such as HVAC, engines and combustion chambers, solar-related systems.


- processes governed by heat transfer

The impact of thermal phenomena on many processes, especially in plasturgy, is studied in details.


Key partners

CETHIL has developped longstanding partnerships over the years, in particular in the frame of common research programs:

- Joint laboratory with electricity provider EDF "Bâtiments à Haute Efficacité Energétique" (Buildings of High Efficiency) (BHEE)
- Company Kaplan Energy

Technological transfer

The company Influtherm is the partner recommended by CETHIL for technological transfer.

Séminaires du CETHIL

The periodic seminars usually take place in Amphitheatre Claude-Chappe at INSA, sauf contre-indication.

Link towards the next seminars.