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Christian GHIAUS, faculty at CETHIL, reminds us that the human body is an engine that consumes energy, and that it is necessary to facilitate the dissipation of this energy towards the environment during periods of hot weather.

The conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy would make it possible to overcome the problem posed by the intermittency of solar or wind energy. Different paths are currently being studied, and a new concept has just been proposed: a hybrid near-field thermophotovoltaic/thermionic device.

CSTB's mission is to guarantee the quality and safety of buildings. The role of the scientific council is to carry out a scientific evaluation of its research programs.

Solutions that are more respectful of our environment exist to promote the development of low-carbon cities, which should be resilient to climate change.

An unexpected impact of nanocomposite structuring on their ability to transport heat has been highlighted. This work is the subject of an article in the journal Nanoscale.