Research activities

Research activities

The Centre is currently structured into 5 themes:

  • Micro and Nanoscale Heat Transfer (MINT)
  • Fluids, Polymers and Composites (FPC)
  • Reactive Media and Heat Transfer (MRTT)
  • Energy and Heat Transfer in Industrial Systems (EHTIS)
  • Heat Transfer and Energy Processes in Buildings and their Environement (TEBE)

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Des solutions plus respectueuses de notre environnement existent pour favoriser le développement de villes sobres en carbone et résilientes aux changements climatiques.

An unexpected impact of nanocomposite structuring on their ability to transport heat has been highlighted. This work is the subject of an article in the journal Nanoscale.

Coordinated by Séverine Gomès, CNRS research director at CETHIL, the QUANTIHEAT project is awarded with this trophy dedicated to the best European projects carried by French teams. QUANTIHEAT has brought together around twenty partners from nine European countries. The aim was to better understand and measure thermal ...

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