21 Dec


Prof. Jocelyn Bonjour awarded the Charles Tellier medal

Remise de la médaille à Jocelyn Bonjour par Philippe Haberschill

Philippe Haberschill gives the Charles Tellier medal to Jocelyn Bonjour, Professor at INSA and member of CETHIL (former Head). Congratulations Jocelyn! 

The Charles Tellier Medal is awarded every year by the Association Française du Froid (AFF), a learned society more than a hundred years old which structures the world of refrigeration engineering in France. This distinction is a testimony to the important contribution of the recipients to this scientific and technical field. Charles Tellier is considered "the father of refrigeration engineering" for having created in Auteuil in 1869 the first refrigeration plant in the world for the preservation of foodstuffs.


Four reciepients were presented to the Charles Tellier medal in 2021:çaise-du-froid-aff_aff-froid-honneur-activity-6876881040573566976-sHbF