Research activities

01 Jan

Research activities

« Industry needs to account for the limits of our planet in the decision-making processes »

In industry, numerous processes require heat production. In a food industry, cooking, drying or pasteurization stages may, for example, require high temperatures, which weigh on the company's energy balance. In the current context, rising energy prices and supply issues are pushing manufacturers to question their practices.

Since three years, Yoann Jovet, PhD student at CETHIL in the EHTIS research theme, has been studying the different stages of the life cycle of heat production with one objective: establishing a methodology capable of integrating the limits of our planet to help companies in their decision-making processes. In other words: find the best alternative, economically viable and respectful of the limits of the Earth. He explains his work on the INSA website in November 2022 (in French). The interview can be found here. 



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