Le centre


The Center for Thermal Sciences of Lyon was founded in 1982 under the title of " Center for Thermal Sciences of INSA Lyon" by the fusion of two laboratories (Laboratory of Industrial Physics, Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Thermics), and a team (Habitat Team), then joined in 1986 by another laboratory (Laboratory of Energetics and Automation) of the INSA Lyon. Initially, the CETHIL adopted a federated structure, the members working in a common disciplinary field, using shared means of work, and being in charge of the teaching of this discipline in different departments of the INSA Lyon . The laboratory is then associated with the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 1996 and becomes the "Center for Thermal Sciences of Lyon". Associated with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in 1989, the laboratory obtained its status as a Mixed Research Unit (UMR) in 2000.As for the scientific structure, the CETHIL was originally organized into 3 teams in 1997, then into 6 scientific themes in 2004, before adopting its current structure (5 themes and 10 groups) by a vote in general assembly on April 18th. 2013, which also marked its name change. The current director, Jocelyn Bonjour, succeeded Dany Escudié in January 2013.