EDF-CETHIL BHEE Joint Laboratory


Context and objectives

The control of energy and heat flows in the buildings of tomorrow is a major challenge, and this is especially true as we move towards low-energy buildings. For this reason, EDF and CETHIL have combined their research efforts in a joint laboratory on buildings with high energy efficiency (BHEEread the file on the 10 years of the joint laboratory ). EDF Research & Development teams have been working for many years on the use of energy in buildings, the control of needs and the optimization of systems. In terms of modeling, many of these works were carried out with CETHIL in particular through the sharing and development of common tools. The Joint Laboratory enables the development of innovative actions in the field of energy saving and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, both for new buildings and for the renovation of buildings. His field of study ranges from the integration of renewable energies to the global optimization of energy needs. The complementarity of EDF's industrial scientific skills and academic academics and researchers makes it possible to address all aspects of these topics. research, from the study of elementary physical mechanisms to the global analysis of the behavior of energy systems and energy saving fields associated. The resources of this Joint Laboratory are based on a significant potential of engineers, researchers and teacher-researchers from both partners. The laboratory also hosts PhD students, master students and trainees from different backgrounds. This laboratory provides a significant contribution to major ongoing and future research programs, both nationally and internationally. The BHEE is part of European Center and Laboratories for Energy Efficiency Research (ECLEER:, especially the BEST theme (BuildingEnvelope and Solar Technologies).

Research Themes

They cover in particular:

  • solar systems for heating and hot water production
  • photovoltaic-thermal hybrid systems that produce heat and electricity simultaneously
  • thermal storage
  • bioclimatic solutions