19 Jul


Sarah Douri awarded a best-poster prize at the Monacoste scientific school

During the scientific school dedicated to the modeling of nanomaterials "Monacoste" (English acronym for Modeling Nanomaterials for Energy, Transport and Storage), the first prize for the best communication by poster was awarded to Sarah Douri, PhD student at CETHIL in the research theme "Micro and nanoscale heat transfer" in collaboration with LNE, the French national metrology center (CIFRE PhD thesis). The school took place from May 8 to May 13, 2022 in Fréjus.

The objective of the Monacoste school, which is part of the research group (GDR) "NAnoMaterials for Energy applications" (GDR NAME) funded by CNRS, is to train in theoretical and numerical tools for the modeling of energy transport in nanostructured materials. Sarah Douri's PhD thesis addresses the issue of modeling scanning thermal microscopy experiments, an ultra-local thermal measurement technique based on atomic force microscopy, for which obtaining reliable and quantitative data is complex.

Contact: Séverine Gomes, CNRS research director at CETHIL, theme "Micro and nanoscale heat transfer" (MiNT)

Link to the Monacoste scientific school

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