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Research activities - 10/12/2021

Stefan-Boltzmann's law is not valid at nanoscale

The celebrated physical law, which dates from 1884, cannot be applied when the radiating bodies that exchange heat are very close.

Training Course - 03/09/2021

Science Festival "Fête de la Science"

Let's celebrate the scientific spirit with joy and sense of humor together!

Research teams from CETHIL in Lyon and IES in Montpellier have demonstrated the possibility of converting thermal radiation from a moderate temperature surface (~ 450 °C) into electrical power with an efficiency greater than 10%. By approaching the emitting surface at a short distance from the infrared photovoltaic cell, an electrical power density a thousand times higher than that of previous studies was obtained.

He is the sole member awarded this title for 2019.

Op-ed article written by Lucie Merlier, Assistant Professor at CETHIL, published in newspaper Le Monde