02 Feb


Taha Boussaid gets the Collaboration Award at the Energy and Informatics International Forum

In a notable achievement at the recent Energy and Informatics International Forum held in Bali, Indonesia, from December 10 to 15, Taha Boussaid, a PhD student in EHTIS team, along with two other international PhDs from Tokyo Tech university, received the Best Collaboration Award for offering innovative solutions to address energy poverty.

Their solution emphasized a holistic, systemic view that underscored the pivotal role of local policies and international collaboration in resolving the complex challenges of energy poverty. Recognizing that addressing this issue requires multifaceted strategies, the team highlighted the significance of broad socio-political frameworks. At the core of their methodology was the understanding that sustainable solutions extend beyond technological innovations. It was the occasion for T. Boussaid to demonstrate that while his work on advanced machine learning techniques to optimize distributed energy systems plays a crucial role, true progress relies on a collaborative and systemic approach that transcends individual technologies. The international conference served as a catalyst for the team to engage with experts and researchers, promoting dialogue on the necessity of systemic solutions.

The recognition reinforces the acknowledgment that addressing energy poverty demands a comprehensive strategy that intertwines technological advancements with policy reforms and international cooperation. The award-winning approach stands as a testament to the transformative potential of systemic solutions in paving the way towards a brighter and more equitable energy future. To know more about the work, you can visit the personal website of Taha Boussaid:

Contact: Marc Clausse, Professor at INSA Lyon

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