Research activities

Convective transfer


Convection, one of the three modes of heat transfer, is omnipresent and often coupled with the other two modes and other physical phenomena. Its understanding makes it possible to control and improve the interfacial transfers between a fluid in motion and a solid wall, conditioned by the characteristics of the flow in close wall. Its coupling with other modes of heat transfer, or other physical phenomena in general, is also of considerable importance both in terms of academic research and that of engineering. The group 'Tranferts Convectifs' adopts experimental and numerical approaches in its work and undertakes balanced upstream and downstream approaches.


  • study fluid / solid interfacial transfers

  • develop metrology for measurements in fluids

  • simulate natural convection and its coupling with the parietal radiation

  • develop digital tools for the prediction of heat transfer in convection and its coupling with the parietal radiation

  • model two-phase flow with phase change

Scientific skills

  • modeling of transfers at the fluid / solid interface

  • optical metrology in fluids

  • digital methods of incompressible flows and natural convection / parietal radiation coupling

  • digital simulation of unsteady convection flows

Some international collaborations

Shanghai Jiaotong University (China), Centro Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo Tecnológico Cuernavaca (Morelos, Mexico), Beijing University (Beijing, China), Shanghai University of Science and Technology (Shanghai, China)

Some national collaborations

EM2C Laboratory (Chatenay Malabry), Institut P '(Poitiers), LIMSI (Orsay), LOCIE (Bourget du Lac), MSME (Marne-la-Vallée)

Recent industrial partnerships

Messier-Bugatti, Sophia Conseil