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02 Mar

Research activities

March 2018: Nicolas Cardin obtains one of the prizes at the conference μflu'18-NEGF'18 in Strasbourg

Nicolas Cardin, PhD student at CETHIL in the subject of Energy and Heat Transfer in Industrial Systems (EHTIS), wins the second prize for the best presentation by a student at the joint conference μFlu'18 - NEGF ' 18, dedicated to microfluidics and non-equilibrium gas flows, held in Strasbourg from February 28th to March 2nd, 2018.The work of Nicolas Cardin, who is in the third year of his thesis, consists of identifying the local effects of an electric field on the shape of a liquid-vapor interface in a micro-groove, within a capillary structure. The use of an electric field in a diphasic and dielectric medium causes the creation of a normal electrical stress on the liquid-vapor interface which adds to the capillary stress and which deforms the interface. The aim of the theoretical study is to better understand the local effect of the electric field. This study is validated by the experimental measurement of the shape of the liquid-vapor interface using a confocal microscope.The works of Nicolas Cardin are supervised by Stéphane Lips and Jocelyn Bonjour (CETHIL), in collaboration with Laurent Davoust and Samuel Siedel (Grenoble SIMAP laboratory).

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