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Doctoral Theses

It is possible to register for a PhD thesis after obtaining a Master's degree or an equivalent title. The PhD thesis takes place in the laboratory, and possibly partly on the premises of an industrial partner. The PhD thesis work is supervised by a thesis director. This is a unique experience of training through research.

Preparing a PhD thesis in a research laboratory associated with the CNRS is an internationally recognized guarantee of quality, which opens up career opportunities in the academic field (researcher in various organizations including the CNRS, IRSTEA, etc.) but also in the industrial sector.

The PhD (doctorate) is a reference diploma, recognized throughout the world, and allows you to pursue a truly international career.

To get more information about the way the PhD time is organized and takes place at CETHIL, you can contact representatives of current PhD students at the following email address: . They might forward your message to other appropriate contacts.

PhD theses proposals financed under conditions



The following PhD theses are funded by doctoral contracts of the French State. The fellowships are granted after a presentation to a Jury of the Doctoral School in June each year.

The jury takes place in June, so the period where announcements are set online is the first semester of the civil year (2022 deadline: mid-May). Interested people can find some examples of the research topics covered at CETHIL below.

Check the same page in the french version of the website to get the files (also the english version of the PhD offers).

Note also these offers:


PhD theses financed by projects or by means of CIFRE public-private partnerships

Check the same page in the french version of the website for the complete list.

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